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Lenovo Battery T40

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Laptop Battery: Lenovo Thinkpad T40 T43

See below description for compatible laptop Models

Warranty: 4 Months

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Product Description


Volts: 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAH
Weight: 310g
Color: Black


This Replacement Lenovo battery Fit with below:


R50-1829 R50p 2895 R50p 2889 T41
R50 1833 R50 1831 R51-1831 T41 2373-XXX
R50 2883 R50 1840 R51 1840 T41 2374-XXX
R50 2894 R50 2888 R51-2888 T41 2378-XXX
R50E-1842 R50E R51e-1834 T41 2379-XXX
R50e-1847 R50e-1845 R51-1830 T41 SERIES
R50e-1858 R50e-1849 R51-1836 T41P
R50e-1863 R50e-1860 R51-2887 T41P 2373-XXX
R50p 1829 R50e 2670 R51 2895 T41P 2374-XXX
R50p 1833 R50p 1831 R51 1832 T42
R50p 2883 R50p 1840 R51 1841 T42 2373-XXX
R50p 2894 R50p 2888 R51-2889 T42 2378-XXX
R50-1830 R50 Series R51e-1842 T42 2379-XXX
R50 1836 R50 1832 R51 1829 T42 Series
R50 2887 R50 1841 R51 1833 T42P
R50 2895 R50 2889 R51-2883 T42P 2373-XXX
R50e-1844 R50E-1834 R51 2894 T42P 2374-XXX
R50e-1848 R50e-1846 R51e 1843 T42P 2378-XXX
R50e-1859 R50e-1850 T40 T42P 2379-XXX
R50e-1870 R50e-1862 T40 2374-XXX T43
R50p 1830 R50P T40 SERIES T43 Series
R50p1836 R50p 1832 T40P T43P
R50p 2887 R50p 1841

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