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E-Commerce in Pakistan

E-commerce has expanded its roots in the entire world but still engraving jaws in Pakistan. When online shopping is being introduced in Pakistan, it not only attracts buyers but also sellers. Like a common shoe seller saw the opportunity to sell his shoes Nationwide instead of a small specific area and earned multiple times. At the moment, numerous new e-commerce websites have established themselves in the online market.

Problems faced by customers

These sites serve very well in start but as their orders increase, complaints about their products and delivery also increase by each day. The basic reason behind this is lack of Professionalism.  All a seller wants is to earn more and more without fulfilling customer needs and sorting out their problems.

As a result of this non professionalism, Customers face such problems

  • Wrong products being delivered opposite to what one ordered
  • Low quality, Non genuine or broken products
  • Poor after-sale Customer Support
  • Wrong or misleading Warranty Claims
  • Late Delivery or no Delivery at all

After such disastrous experience, customer’s trust in online shopping deteriorates and customer starts to see online shopping sites as fraudulent and untrustworthy.

How We Make Difference ?

When ‘PKvalley.com’ started its business in Pakistan, it was a challenge for us to rectify the above mentioned problems to regain the trust of customers. So, ‘PKvalley’ took some significant steps to stand higher amongst all other shopping sites in Pakistan:

  • PKvalley, for the first time, made Quality Assurance Team (QAT) to ensure the quality of products and correctness of order.
  • PKvalley’s Customer Support Team (CST) is made to serve customer’s queries and issue 24/7 via Email or Telephone. This team made record of responding every customer within 24 hours.
  • PKvalley joined hands with some well reputed courier companies to ensure fast and reliable delivery at your door steps.
  • One of the most notable policy of PKvalley is no seller can directly sell his/her products without passing PKvalley’s management system. 
  • Information of Each and every product and warranty periods are clearly mentioned on each product page to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.


“Your satisfaction is our success”